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We provide exclusive InPlay and PreMatch Betting Odds in a friendly JSON format.

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+20 exclusive betting markets

Boost your MMA / UFC offers and get a head of competition with unique live and pre-match betting markets:


• How many fights will end in Round 1?
• How many fights will end in KO/TKO?
• How many American fighters will win against foreing opponents?
• How many takedowns will Fighter A land?
• How many significant strikes will Fighter A land?

And many more...


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Keep customers engaged with UFC / Bellator stats and live updates  from the fights they bet on. Fight Analytics can also help increase betting activity with bet stimulating content for MMA, Boxing and Kickboxing. 

UFC stats API Bellator Stats MMA Stats

Independent provider

Fight Analytics produces impartial and accurate data of all major MMA and Boxing leagues in real time which is a must have for today's sportsbook teams.


Our data allows bookmakers greater accuracy in pricing and the creation of mathematical models for UFC, Bellator and many more.



Fight Analytics widgets will transform the way you publish UFC stats on your website. Easy to implement our hosted widget based solution means you never need to struggle to integrate feeds again.


Fantasy Games

Fight Analytics expertise in collecting, tagging and distributing the best fight data available means that we are ideally placed to work with the world's premier Fantasy Sports platforms.

UFC stats API Bellator Stats MMA Stats

Non-Stop Excitement

From your weekly fantasy UFC draft to the moment the last round of the night ends, Fight Analytics provides non-stop entertainment to keep you engaged in the fights.